After a few weeks of debating, I decided to take the plunge and registered for my first Pilates class at my local gym. Why Pilates? Well, I wanted to incorporate some strength work and stretching into my weekly workouts, and was also told that the breathing techniques could be beneficial
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After my last 10k, and failing to hit my under 1 hour 20 target (I finished in 1:20:27), I really wanted the Birmingham 10k to be my best yet, and was secretly aiming for under 1:17:30 – I felt that 1:20:00 would be possible as I came so close last
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Birmingham 10k Route
Introduction: I was apprehensive about this event, mainly due to the fact that it was one of the most expensive 10k events that I had come across (£26), and I almost didn’t enter due to that fact. However, I was due to run the Ronnie Bowker 10k on the 9th
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April 25, 2017

Why I Run

In my teen years, I spent a fair amount of time playing football after school, but it was mainly just a kick around with a few friends and required little running. From the age of 16, I had a very sedentary lifestyle; I took the bus to work and then
This year I watched the London Marathon in a different light; I was now able to understand just how much hard work went in and how much effort it took, both mentally and physically, to complete the 26.2 mile route. As a beginner runner, it inspired me and made me
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    A lot of runners refer to the treadmill as the “dreadmill” due to the boredom that is often associated with treadmill running, however, the treadmill can be a useful training tool. It can be utilized for tempo runs, hill work and long runs when it’s too cold, dark
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What Is Cross Training? Cross training refers to taking a day or two out from running to focus on another activity. Usually this is another cardiovascular activity such as cycling, swimming or rowing. Cross training can be utilised on days where you are resting from running, as it uses different
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I’m quite a simple runner; I don’t need music or an audiobook to keep me moving (my fiancé insists he can’t run without music). However, there are a number of things that I can’t imagine ever running without; some are essential, whilst others are optional extras that help my motivation.
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When I entered this event, I was hoping that my next 10k race would see me in the 1:20 finishing time region; little did I know what this 10k entailed (event review available here). The course is multi-terrain, with a mixture of pavement, rocky paths and grass, but there are
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Introduction: Today, 16th April 2017, my fiancé and I participated in the Chasewater Easter 10k event. I found this event online, and as it was local we decided to enter. The 10k race cost us £14 each to enter and for that we received an accurately measured 10k course, timing
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