My Home Gym

My Home Gym Set-Up

Nov 16
Introduction: After taking a look at some home gym essential equipment in a recent post, I thought I’d share my home gym setup with you. Since cancelling my gym membership and making the decision to train at home, I have definitely not looked back! Being able to train when it suits me means that I am less likely to skip a workout. I don’t have to plan my commute to the gym, travel time, workout
Essential Home Gym Equipment

Essential Home Gym Equipment

Nov 13
Introduction: Many people pay for a gym membership but fail to use it to its full potential. The hard part of hitting the gym is actually getting ready and heading out the door. A home gym eliminates this as you can work out when you want. Better yet, you don’t have to do your hair or even get dressed into anything fancy! Working out at home also ensures that you are not left jeopardizing your
5th-11th November

Weekly Training Review – 5th – 11th November – 2018

Nov 11
Last week’s report can be found here. Weekly Training: This week I had planned 7 sessions; 4 runs, 1 Yoga and Core session and 2 weights sessions. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Weights Hill Intervals Weights Run Yoga and Core Parkrun Long Run Monday 5th November: Ah, Monday, we meet again! For this weight session I decided to mix things up a little and aim for the following: 5×10 Push-Ups 5×10 Bench Press
Nike Pegasus 34s in Box

Nike Pegasus 34 Review

Nov 09
Introduction: The Pegasus model is one of Nike’s most popular neutral running shoe lines. I picked up a pair for £26 on sale from the Nike store as I had an additional 30% off sale items voucher. The 34s were my first experience of the range, however I had ran in other Nike shoes previously. My rotation when purchasing the 34s was as follows: 2 pairs of Nike Zoom Elite 8s, a pair of Nike
8 Budget Winter Running Essentials

8 Budget Winter Running Essentials

Nov 06
Introduction: There aren’t many people who enjoy winter running. Getting out when it’s cold and dark. Running in the rain or snow. Below are some budget winter running essentials which can help get you motivated for your winter training. TCA Super Thermal Performance Leggings – Amazon These are great tights without breaking the bank. I took a punt on a pair of these last winter as I was starting to freeze on my morning and
Weekly Training Review 29th October - 4th November

Weekly Training Review – 29th October–4th November 2018

Nov 04
Last week’s report can be found here. Weekly Training: This week I had planned 7 sessions; 4 runs, 1 Core session, 1 Yoga session and 1 weights session: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Core Work Run Weights Intervals Yoga Parkrun Long Run Monday 29th October: As a runner it is important to have a strong core. When I fatigue later on in 10 mile plus races, my form starts to suffer as my body
Budget Gift Ideas For Runners

The Best Budget Gift Ideas For Runners

Nov 02
Introduction: Need to buy a budget gift for a runner in your life but have no idea where to start? Look no further! Below you will find some practical and novelty gift ideas that any runner is sure to love: Gift Ideas: Up to £5: Proworks No Tie Laces – Amazon Never worry about your laces coming undone again with these performance laces. They also come in 8 different colours. Massage Balls – Amazon These
15 Gym Bag Essentials

15 Gym Bag Essentials For Your Next Work-out:

Oct 30
Introduction: It can be pretty common to leave the packing of your gym bag until the last minute, especially for those who head to the gym before work. Not a lot of thought goes into packing the bag, and that is why a lot of less obvious items can be forgotten about. Some people over pack their gym bag and end up carrying excess items for no reason other than fear of forgetting them when
Weekly Training Review 22-28th October 2018

Weekly Training Review – 22nd-28th October 2018

Oct 28
  Weekly Training: This week I had planned 6 sessions; 4 runs, 1 Yoga session and 1 weights session: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Weights Run Yoga Run Rest Parkrun Long Run Monday 22nd October: I wasn’t really looking forward to my weights session after work. This was the first week of my new training cycle and a “fresh start” to my training as I want to get back to a regular schedule.
Simple Food Swaps for Weight Loss

Weight Loss: 11 Simple Food Swaps

Oct 25
Introduction: I have lost almost 3 stone but have never been on a “diet”. For me, losing weight was part of a whole lifestyle change which included substituting certain foods, portion control and running. Making healthier choices is an essential part of the weight loss journey, however these choices shouldn’t feel restrictive or make you crave a “cheat meal”. Eating a balanced and nutritional diet should be enjoyable and make you look forward to meal