The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Okay, so things haven’t been going great lately, and I was trying to get into a positive mindset, however I’ve recently had some more bad news. Buuut, before we go into that, let’s have a brief moment to share some “good” news! The Good: *Drum roll* … I have recently

How To Choose A Training Plan

How To Choose The Correct Training Plan

Introduction: Finding the correct training plan to meet your needs can be a challenge in itself! A good plan should incorporate at least 3 runs per week, along with cross training which includes strength and / or flexibility work. Runs should consist of “easy” mileage, economy or speed work, and

Wedding Update

Life Update

Okay, so things have been pretty hectic lately! I got married on July 20th (I can’t believe that was 3 months ago!) and my routine hasn’t quite settled back down yet. I have had a lot going on with the wedding, honeymoon and promotion at work, and to be honest,

Aftershokz Aeropex Reviewer's Guide

Aftershokz Aeropex Headphone Review

Introduction: Bone conducting technology has been around for a few years now and has gained a lot of popularity with cyclists and runners alike. Part of the reason for this is down to the fact that non-bone conducting headphones have been banned in most running and cycling events. Aftershokz were

Aftershokz Box

July Check In – Aftershokz Surprise

Introduction: Following on from my last post, I have some exciting news to share. First of all, as many of you will already know… I get married this month! Eek! Yup, I’m already pretty nervous about it. I dread to imagine what I will be like on the actual day.

General Update

General Update and 2019 Plans

Okay, I confess that things have gotten a little quiet around here lately, so my apologies! I have a lot going on at the moment (it’s scary to say that I actually get married next month!) and am just trying to keep my head above the water. My last few

Garmin 945 Box Front

Garmin 945 Review

Introduction: So far I have owned 4 Garmin watch models. I started with the Forerunner 35 before shortly upgrading to the 235. After completing my first marathon I decided to reward myself with the 935. All of them served me well, however the 935 really changed my training. I started

Blackpool Marathon 2019 Race Number

Blackpool Marathon 2019 Results

Introduction: Despite vowing that I wouldn’t run another marathon, I found myself signed up for a second crack of the whip. I actually entered the Blackpool marathon only a few days after completing London. I wanted revenge as I knew that I could do better than my 7:03 personal best.

Ironbridge Half Marathon Map

Ironbridge Half Marathon Review

Introduction: I was looking for a March half marathon and stumbled across Ironbridge. This wasn’t too far to travel (just under 30 miles each way), so I decided to do some research. I hadn’t seen the event advertised anywhere locally, however after some digging I found a lot of positive

Chasewater Easter 10k 2019 Race Number

Chasewater Easter 10k 2019 Results

Introduction: I left this one a little late to enter as I was waiting for my UKA membership to come through so that I could utilize my club discount against the entry fee. As such, I had to collect my race number on the day of the race. Upon entering