Nike Pegasus 34 First Impressions

Nike Pegasus 34

So I managed to get a great deal on a pair of Nike Pegasus 34 (£26) recently and thought I’d share my first opinion of them.

I normally wear size 6 running shoes, however I did go up half a size for my Nike Vomero 12’s to allow for the added cushioning and padded heel. Size 6 in the Pegasus 34’s feels comfortable – enough room at the front of the shoe and not tight around the side of my foot. The Pegasus 34’s have a roomier toe box than my Nike Zoom Elite 8’s which is nice, but the shoe doesn’t feel as secure as the Elites – so far I’ve only been out for a short run (just under 4 kilometres) in them, so I’ll make sure to tighten the laces even more next time and see if that helps.

The one thing that I can already see from my test run is that the shoes have the same out-sole durability issue as my Elite 8’s; with less than 4 kilometres ran in them I can already see wear on the tread, however this is more cosmetic than anything else as my Elite 8’s have the same wear marks but I haven’t noticed a difference in grip or tread after 250+ kilometres.

The Pegasus 34’s feel to me as though they are in between the Elite 8 and the Vomero 12; they are more cushioned than the Elite’s and more responsive than the Vomero’s. As such, they should fill the void for me nicely and serve as my medium distance shoes and perhaps also for longer race pace runs, whilst I keep my Vomero’s for the long slow runs and trail runs, with my Elite’s for faster tempo training, speed-work and 5-10km races.

I like my Vomero 12’s for slower paced training sessions, but feel like they won’t be responsive enough when I up the pace during a half or full marathon event so I’m hoping to wear the Nike Pegasus 34 for the half marathon distance, although I might wear my Vomero’s for my first half marathon in October as I haven’t had the 34’s long and I might need the added cushioning, but hopefully I’ll be able to use them for my second half and perhaps a full marathon depending how I get on with them.

My full review of the Pegasus 34 neutral running shoes can be found here.

Nike Pegasus 34 Tongue

Nike Pegasus 34 Front