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Nike Pegasus 34s in Box


The Pegasus model is one of Nike’s most popular neutral running shoe lines. I picked up a pair for £26 on sale from the Nike store as I had an additional 30% off sale items voucher. The 34s were my first experience of the range, however I had ran in other Nike shoes previously. My rotation when purchasing the 34s was as follows: 2 pairs of Nike Zoom Elite 8s, a pair of Nike Vomero 12s and a pair of Nike Revolution 3s.

I decided to purchase the Pegasus 34s as I wanted a shoe which was in between the Elite 8s and the Vomero 12s. The Elite 8s feel fast and responsive, whilst the Vomero 12s feel more stable and cushioned with a thicker sole. The 34s fit the bill perfectly. They offer more cushioning than the Elite 8s but feel more responsive than the Vomero 12s.

First Impressions:

My full first impressions of the shoe can be found here.

The shoe isn’t the most attractive design, but it is by no means an ugly shoe. The design is just a little bland and makes the shoe look a little slower than it feels. In my opinion, it is an improved design over the Pegasus 33 model, but it is not overly different. The design doesn’t look overly like a running shoe. It would be easy to wear them as a regular pair of trainers without them looking out of place. The good side of the design is that it does come in a range of colours, plus Nike ID customization if you want to go down that route.

I originally took the shoes out for a short run of less than 3 miles and could already see slight tread wear in the forefoot. I also noticed this early on with my Nike Zoom Elite 8s, however they have held up well as I have now ran over 450 miles in them with no issues.

When I first put the shoes on, the heel counter felt less stable than the Zoom Elite 8s and Vomero 12s. It did make me a little nervous about heel slippage but I had no issues during my run. My foot felt secured and stable without too much pressure being put on the ankle or heel areas.



For sizing, I usually wear a UK size 5.5 in my regular shoes and day-to-day trainers. With Nike running shoes I go up half a size to 6 (40 EU). Due to the heat and pressure of running, it is common for the foot to expand and wearing a shoe that is too tight can lead to blisters and / or black toenails. As usual, I opted for a size 6 for the Pegasus 34s and have not experienced any issues.


Having not done a lot of running in the 34s before the London Marathon, I decided to take a chance on them. I wore them on race day over the Vomero 12s as they were lighter. The 2018 London Marathon was the hottest on record. The Pegasus 34s felt more breathable than the Vomero 12s. I find that the Vomeros can get rather warm. Nike use a Flywire closure system on the 34s. The flywire ensures that the foot remains comfortable and holds everything stable whilst still providing flexibility.

I wore the Pegasus 34s with a pair of twin lined socks (which I had never worn before race day). The marathon took me just over 7 hours to complete, but my feet felt comfortable. I got through the day with no blisters, black toenails or any other foot related nasties! Not to say that my feet weren’t sore though, but that is to be expected after spending almost all day on my feet.

At the time of writing I have just over 100 miles logged in the Pegasus 34s. In terms of durability, I have experienced no issues with the interior or flyknit upper construction of the shoe. The outsole has also held up well after some initial tread wear showing in the forefoot area. Cushioning still feels the same as my first run in the shoes.


As mentioned above, I wore these for my first marathon with no issues. I have also worn them for the half marathon distance. For shorter distances I reach for my Zoom Elite 8s as they look and feel a bit quicker. I save the Pegasus 34s and Vomero 12s for longer distances where I need more cushioning, or a thicker outsole for trail running. That isn’t to say that the 34s can’t be used for shorter distances. This is a very versatile and capable shoe.


These shoes are best suited to moderate paced or longer runs. Some people may prefer the extra cushioning of the Vomeros for longer distances or slower paces.

The 34s are capable of speed work, but it may be more beneficial to utilize a lighter, more race orientated shoe for speed.


Typically, I have 3 pairs of shoes in my running rotation, plus another for cross training. The Pegasus 34s fit perfectly into my rotation. They’re a great “easy run” shoe – when you aren’t doing speed work but still want a shoe that feels fast rather than heavy. I have recently purchased a pair of Pegasus 35s to add into my rotation as I clock up the miles on my other models.

At the time of writing, my rotation is as follows:

  • Nike Pegasus 34 – easy paced runs on the road, medium tempo runs, half marathon and marathon events
  • Nike Zoom Elite 8 (pair 1) – treadmill, speed work (intervals and tempo runs)
  • Nike Zoom Elite 8 (pair 2) – 5k and 10k events
  • Nike Vomero 12 – long distance slow runs, trail runs, recovery runs after a tough session if running outside and feel I need more protection
  • Nike Revolution 3 – cross-training


Overall I would definitely recommend the Pegasus 34s as a neutral running shoe. For the price point, they are able to cover all bases and would be perfect for a runner who doesn’t want to purchase multiple pairs of shoes.

They feel light but are cushioned enough to be worn for a full marathon. On “easy runs” they feel comfortable and responsive. They are also more than capable of handling speed work sessions due to the responsive Air Zoom pockets in the forefoot of the shoe.

There are also a wide range of colours available from the more subtle black and white to ice blue or solar red. Nike ID customization is also available.

In terms of negatives, the toe box may be a bit narrow for some. Some wearers also reported that the shoe felt stiff out of the box and took some “breaking in”, however I had no such issues. My first run in the shoes felt comfortable and natural.

In order to improve the star rating, I would like to see more reflective elements added to the design. The tread also doesn’t feel to have as much grip as the Vomero 12s. I found the 34s to feel slippery when running on pavement during the winter, even with minimal tread wear.

All in all they are a very versatile pair of shoes and I can see why the line is into its 34th iteration. The Pegasus 34s can be purchased at a discounted price since the Pegasus 35s were released.

4.5 Star


Nike Pegasus 34s in Box

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