Elite Sports Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves Review

Elite Sports MMA Gloves


*Review written by Chris at Couch To Runner*

I received a pair of Elite Sports Pro Style MMA Half Mitts for free from Elite Sports in exchange for an honest review of the product. Originally, I was going to test these during my Krav Maga and MMA sessions, however due to the current situation with COVID-19, all classes were cancelled. As such, this review is based on using the gloves at home on a freestanding punch man.

The gloves retail at £7.99 direct from Elite Sports online (UK / US / AU stores available).

First Impressions:

The packaging wasn’t overly branded or anything special, however the gloves felt of decent quality. They looked exactly like the online pictures, with a nice contrast between the black and red colourways. There was no bad stitching or issues that were noticeable. The branding and colours made them immediately look like a more expensive product. If you actually put them side by side with a more expensive competitor, it would be hard to tell which was which without immediately recognising the logos. The Elite Sports logo can be found in a few places on the gloves, and is well styled.

The second wrist strap was a bit tricky to fasten when I had already put one glove on. These straps are handy though as they provide some light wrist support and reduce the amount that the gloves can move or loosen.


Looking on the Elite Sports website, the gloves are listed as PU PVS Leather under the materials tab.


The padding feels really firm; this can be a positive or a negative depending on your intended use and personal preference. Typically, padding will soften after a few uses anyway. As these aren’t labelled as full striking gloves then the firm padding isn’t an issue. I should also note that I was testing these without hand wraps as that is how I usually train. With the added padding from wraps, the firmness would also subside a little as they are designed to go over hand wraps. I used these on a hard punch buddy bag which is firmer than most bags anyway. The gloves have held up perfectly in the month that I have been trialling them.

My hands never got too hot in these, which is a nice bonus as I tend to get warm when I train! The ventilation was good and my sweat never felt uncomfortable or made the gloves feel like they were going to slip.


I had requested a size medium, as that is my standard size. In hindsight, I would probably have been better off with a size large. The gloves felt a bit tight, but it wasn’t too much of a hindrance and wasn’t worth exchanging them for. It comes down to personal preference and I just prefer a little more room for grappling and floor work. With a size medium, my fingers felt a little restricted in some movements, but the material will most likely adapt a little after a few sessions anyway. The website does state that the gloves are “moulded to fit your hand”, so perhaps I just need to adjust to a different style of glove.


I was pleasantly surprised with the Elite Sports Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves. Granted, I should have sized up, but even then, I found the gloves adequate for my training. I didn’t test them with hand wraps as mentioned above. My one concern is that I would struggle for room if I was to wear the grappling gloves over them as designed due to the lack of space in the size medium.

For a recommended retail price of £7.99 then I am definitely impressed. That’s not to say that I haven’t used better gloves, but they were also at a higher price point. For someone like me who trains a lot then cheaper gloves can be a lifesaver when you need to replace them or misplace them. I would recommend these gloves, especially if you are on a budget or are just getting into MMA and aren’t sure if you are going to stick it out. They are also a great option if you only train occasionally and don’t want a large outlay to start out or know your padding and fit preference.

4.5 Star