Alphalete 5th Birthday Sale

Alphalete Logo


Last week (February 8th 2020) marked the fifth birthday of Alphalete, and thus, a birthday sale! I’d been eyeing up a few items on the website for a while, but wanted to wait for the February launch to see what was available. Oh, and who doesn’t love a sale?!

I had watched a lot of YouTube reviews and feedback about Alphalete clothing, and had purchased one t-shirt from eBay previously. My usual go-to gym clothing tends to be Physiq Apparel and Gymshark. I really wanted a new outfit but was unable to get what I wanted in the Gymshark Black Friday sale as it sold out within minutes!


Adamant that I was going to miss out on the chance to get some Alphalete clothing, I set my alarm for 3:50pm, ready for the 4pm sale to start. At 3:59 I refreshed my browser and headed straight to the women’s sale section.

To be honest, I did expect to struggle to get my size in the items that I wanted. Both Gymshark sales that I had been a part of sold out so quickly. I had items in my basket, went to the checkout and they were instantly out of stock. With how popular Alphalete is (especially in the US), I was wary that I may not get what I wanted. Luckily, this wasn’t the case with the Alphalete sale. I checked out with a sports bra and leggings. In hindsight, I wish I’d ordered the matching Crop Tank Hoodie. I resisted purchasing it as I have never worn anything cropped, and was also a bit nervy about the sizing.

The £6 delivery fee stung a little, and I couldn’t find the minimum spend for free delivery anywhere. I did try adding the cropped hoodie to my basket to see if that would meet the threshold for free delivery. Unfortunately, it didn’t, so I promptly removed it and checked out with my two items.


I actually missed my delivery so had to collect it from my local Post Office. The black package was quite subtle, but with Alphalete printed across in white text. Opening up the small bag revealed my two packages, both individually wrapped, and a return slip.

I’m going through a love for black camo phase! I purchased a black camo Gymshark sports bra, a TCA black camo tank top, a Golddigger pair of Fearless camo leggings, a Supply and Demand pair of black camo leggings, and a red and black camo style Nike sports bra! Oh, and a black camo phone case! Needless to say, both of the items purchased were in the black camo colour.

Alphalete Surface Keyhole Bra:

Looking at the online pictures, I really liked this design. It’s a sports bra that looks more like a cropped training top. Sometimes I feel a bit self-conscious training in just a sports bra and leggings, so having a more “covered up” bra is a nice option. I went with the XS sizing as per the recommendations on the website. I managed to get the bra for £16.75 (excluding postage).

When it arrived, I wasn’t disappointed! The Alphalete logo is embossed and rubbery, not just printed on. The bra feels supportive and has light padding. The material is really soft and there were no annoying labels or chafing spots.

I immediately put the bra through its paces with a 70+ minute weight session, followed by a 35-minute treadmill run. All I can say is… wow! It’s super comfortable and didn’t move at all during either of my workouts. I felt well supported, even during the run.

You can check out the Alphalete Surface Keyhole Bra here.

Alphalete Surface Path Legging:

The first thing I noticed when I opened the leggings was the protective piece of paper which was included. It was white with the Alphalete logo text printed multiple times diagonally. I actually really liked this. It was a small touch, but having the logo there rather than just a plain piece of paper made it feel a bit more premium. For the leggings I went with a size S as I tend to go one size larger for my bottom half! I was torn between the XS and S, however the website advised to go for the size up if in between sizes. I paid £25.50 for the leggings (excluding postage).

The second thing that I noticed was just how soft the material was! I held them up and thought that they may look a bit small around the waist. This concern soon vanished as I felt how stretchy they were.

There are two variants of the leggings available; one with a straight waistline (called the “Pocket”), and the other with a v-shaped waistline (the “Path”). I opted for the Path variant as I thought it looked a bit more flattering and was different to my other leggings.

Okay… I really like these leggings! They stayed in place perfectly during my weight training session and my treadmill run. The material is just so comfortable and allowed me to carry out all of the required movements for my session.

This may sound odd, but I actually found myself stroking my own leg to admire the soft feel of the material! They are also a nice thickness; not too warm as to be uncomfortable, but not too thin either. They feel really pliable and I have no worries about them being squat-proof.

You can check out the Alphalete Surface Path Leggings here.


I think it’s fair to say that I have a new favourite outfit! The two items cost me £42.25, plus £6 postage, so £48.25 in total. Usually these items would cost £33 for the bra and £51 for the leggings. Now, I love quality gym wear, but that is a bit pricey for me! The same can be said for Gymshark though, so I don’t necessarily think that the items are overpriced. You are essentially paying for the brand and the premium materials and details.

With that being said, Alphalete is currently my favourite out of the big gym wear brands. The brand and materials just feel more premium than their counterparts.In fact, I was that impressed after my first day training with the Alphalete Surface Bra and Surface Path Legging, I headed to eBay and managed to grab a brand new Alphalete black camo Cropped Hoodie!

Both items would be 5 stars, but for me, I can’t justify spending over £50 on a pair of leggings… even though they do feel good, fit well and make me feel great. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for any future launches and sales!

4.5 Star