My Shoe Rotation For 2019

My Shoe Rotation For 2019

In case you hadn’t noticed by now, I really love buying running shoes! I have always been a massive trainer fan. Therefore, getting new running shoes is always an excitable time for me. As such, I have amassed quite a few pairs! I use each pair for a specific purpose, and as I keep telling Chris, “you can never have too many pairs of running shoes”!

My planned shoe rotation for 2019 is as follows:


Previously most of my training had been on the treadmill. I have recently retired a pair of Nike Zoom Elite 8s which I had ran over 540 miles in. They served me well and as such, I actually bought a second pair of Nike Zoom Elite 8s. These were my 5k-10k racing shoes, however they will now be used for the majority of my treadmill runs. On longer treadmill runs of 12+ miles I may switch them out for the Nike Pegasus 35s.

Nike Zoom Elite 8

Outdoor Runs:

For the majority of my outdoor long training runs I will opt for the Pegasus 35. If I have a niggle or want more support / cushioning I will wear the Nike Vomero 12 instead. The Pegasus 35s are more cushioned than the Elite 8s which I use for the treadmill. However, they are not as heavy as the Vomero. In essence, they are kind of in the middle of the Vomero and Elite models in terms of weight and cushioning. 

Nike Pegasus 35

5k / 10k Race Day:

As I recently retired a pair of Nike Zoom Elite 8s, I decided to replace them with the latest model, the Elite 10. My first three runs in these shoes were notable. The first resulted in a 5k personal best of 27:22 at my local Parkrun on New Year’s Day. The second saw me run an even better 5k time of 25:58.  Whilst the third run wasn’t a race, it was my first time running on a track. I really enjoyed my first track experience and wearing such a fast feeling shoe really helped. These shoes are feel light but have more cushioning in the forefoot than the Elite 8s.

Nike Zoom Elite 10


Granted I probably won’t be doing a whole lot of track running so I won’t be investing in track spikes! It’s nice to know that I have the track option available through my running club and local gym. As mentioned above, the Elite 10s did a great job on the track and are more than adequate for my limited, non-track racing needs.

Half Marathon / Marathon Race Day:

For my last half marathon I took a chance on the Nike Odyssey Reacts. I had only worn them for a Parkrun prior to the event, but decided to give them a try. It turned out to be a wise move as I smashed my goal of running my first sub-2:30 half marathon. I beat my 2:33 personal best as I finished with a time of 2:11:02. My legs felt good throughout and I had no blisters or other foot related nasties afterwards! These are lighter then the Pegasus 35s and feel more responsive to me underfoot. I prefer a softer ride and these fit the bill without adding any weight.

Odyssey React


For Christmas I purchased my first pair of trail shoes, the Adidas Galaxy Trail. These are going to be the first non-Nike shoes that I have ran in. For trail shoes they actually look quite nice, but not nice enough that I would be stressing about getting them dirty! For really light trails or road to trail events, I may still opt to wear my Vomero 12s. I’m not sure how well the lugs on the Galaxy Trail would cope with things like canal gravel paths, so I will have to take them for a test run.

Galaxy Trail

Cross Training:

I have my Nike Revolution 3s for any cross training such as cycling or if I opt to wear shoes for a weights session. In addition, I still have my retired pair of Zoom Elite 8s which can be used for low impact activities. Despite having over 540 miles put into them, they are still looking good with no rips so I can’t bear to part with them completely just yet! Despite completing the London Marathon in the Pegasus 34s, I have struggled to run in them since purchasing the newer model. As such, these are now used for walking and more casual wear.

Nike Pegasus 34


As you can see, I have quite a few pairs of shoes! I really like the design of Nike trainers and also find that I can get in the zone easier when I wear a certain pair. For example, I find it easier to run faster in my Elite 10s as I only race or do speed work in them, so my mind knows that I am gearing up for a fast run when I lace these up. The same goes with my Odyssey React as they are reserved for up-tempo runs or long distance race days.

I’m currently trying to avoid buying a pair of Nike Epic React Flyknit or Odyssey React 2 Flyknit, as well as a pair of Nike Zoom Flys. I’d like to try the Pegasus Turbo as they are supposed to be replacing the now discontinued Elite range, however I haven’t seen any on sale for a price within my budget.

What is your current shoe rotation or your favourite go-to running shoe?