Core150 Shaker Review

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Shaker bottles… they come in an array of different shapes, sizes and prices – from the cheaper £2 mixer ball style to the more expensive £15+ electric mixer shakers. Some allow you to carry powder or supplements separately, allowing you to mix them when required. Others are made of stainless steel instead of plastic. Each protein manufacturer seems to have their own range of shakers available.

With an abundance of different shakers on the market, what makes the Core150 shaker stand out from the crowd?


Large capacity 

This is a monster of a shaker and can hold 1000ml of liquid. My £2 shakers only have a 700ml capacity, although I have no real need to hold any more than that as I use my shakes to boost protein intake only, not as bulk shakes or meal replacements. Take the size difference into account when making your purchasing decision as you may not have space to store it and it doesn’t fit in the side door holder in my car!

3 storage compartments

Now this is the reason that I purchased the Core150; it has a removable storage system, allowing you to store your powders or supplements inside the shaker for easy travelling to work or the gym. Each compartment is designed to hold 50 grams of powder, but can also be used to store dietary pills, dried fruit, small snacks, etc. So far I have not experienced any leaks or issues with the compartments; the lids seal tight and feel sturdy and have survived me dropping them a few times.

Plastic mesh cover

It also comes with a plastic mesh cover, which prevents any lumps from getting through. This ensures that your shake is smooth and you don’t swallow a lump of unmixed powder (yuck!).

Colour choices

I love to be colour co-ordinated, so having a choice of different colours for my shaker is a bonus for me. Of course, I have the red and black one which matches my computer setup and my car! I wish the logo writing was in black instead of white, but that’s just personal preference.


Usually I use a metal mixer ball in my plastic shakers and then shake by hand until the consistency is smooth, however, with the Core150, I skip the mixer ball as it doesn’t fit inside the unit whilst utilizing the internal storage compartments. Surprisingly, the mix still comes out smooth – I have used PhD and Predator Nutrition whey, and both mix really well using this method. Just be sure to put the liquid in first to avoid any clumping at the bottom, but that is recommendation for any shaker.


I don’t like spending too much on my shaker bottles as I tend to replace them every 2-3 months. I decided to spend a bit more on the Core150 as I needed something to take to work with me and thought that it could be beneficial for when I add pre and intra workout supplements to my plan. The shakers are priced at £9.99 each on the Core150 website, but they also do a double pack where you get 2 shakers for £12, and you can even have 2 different colours; I purchased the twin pack and got my fiancé a blue one to match my red. Delivery is also free to the UK from the Core150 website, which is a nice bonus.


Separating compartments

Unfortunately, the 3 compartments are moulded together, which means that you can’t just take 1 with you, but instead have to carry all 3. This is a bit annoying if you only need to fill 1 compartment. I’d like to see a system where you can attach and detach the compartments freely and choose how many of the 3 you need each day.


Overall, this is a great shaker bottle that makes it easy to take your daily supplements along with you. It comes in a variety of colours to help match your style and looks a lot more stylish than the traditional opaque shaker bottles. I have experienced no leaks from the bottle itself or the compartments. I would definitely recommend this bottle if you are looking for a simple way to take your supplements on the go.

4.5 Star


Shaker Compartments
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