New 5k Personal Best

I ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon on 30th September, and then took a few days out from running to recover. I tried to run on the Thursday, but struggled and called time after only managing 1 mile (1.5 mile with the warm up walk and cool down). Feeling a

Race Certificate

Robin Hood Half Marathon 2018 Race Day Results

The Robin Hood Half Marathon takes place in Nottingham and the 2018 run was the 38th time that the half marathon event has taken place. My training hadn’t been the greatest due to suffering with IBS and having multiple doctors and hospital visits. The longest training run I had managed

Robin Hood Half Map 2018

Robin Hood Half Marathon 2018 Event Review

Introduction: I registered for this event back in April and paid £34.95 for the standard entry; there was also a VIP option which added a few extras such as a free race photo, post-run food and a VIP t-shirt. I decided to enter this event as the medal and t-shirt

Banks's 10k Number

Banks’s 10k Race Day Results

Let me first start off by saying that I was not at all prepared for this event as I only signed up the day before as it was my cousin’s first 10k event and I decided to take part. The Banks’s 10k started at 10:15am, although I got there early

Banks’s Wolverhampton 10k Event Review

Introduction: I entered this event the day before the run was due to take place, Saturday 1st September 2018, and had to pay an extra £5 for the privilege (£21 entry, would have been £16 if I had registered before August 31st). I wasn’t planning on running this race, hence

Garmin 935

Garmin 935 Review

Introduction: (I have now upgraded… again… to the Garmin 945!) I started out using my mobile to track my runs, however as I started to do more treadmill training and gym work, this became tedious to keep manually logging my runs to track my progress so I decided to invest

Sub 35

Sub-35 Minute Parkrun

Until 3 weeks ago I hadn’t ran a Parkrun for around 18 months as I found that I would push too hard on them and then spend too much of the week recovering, so after 6 runs I decided to cut back on running them. I wanted to run one

Bucket List

My Event Bucket List

  Today I’m going to break down my event bucket list. Originally this started off with purely running events, however one day I would love to complete an Ironman, as well as certain obstacle course races. Let’s start by taking a look at purely running events: Marathons: London Marathon –

VLM Finisher

Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

It’s taken me a little while to write this post because it hasn’t really sunk in yet that despite it being the hottest London Marathon on record, and me being an honorary ginger, that I completed my first marathon. Let’s start with the Expo; the Expo opened on Wednesday 18th

Simplyhealth Birmingham Half Marathon 2017

Ok, so I ran this on October 15th 2017, but am only just getting around to blogging about it… why? Well, first of all it was my first half marathon and it really made me realize how tough the distance is, I started a new job and was ill over