July Check In – Aftershokz Surprise

Aftershokz Box


Following on from my last post, I have some exciting news to share. First of all, as many of you will already know… I get married this month! Eek! Yup, I’m already pretty nervous about it. I dread to imagine what I will be like on the actual day. This soon approaching date has, however, helped me to stick to my training as it has been a way to de-stress. I also want to be as toned as possible for the pictures as my dress is sleeveless! Plus, there’s also the honeymoon to think of so I need to get my beach body ready.

On that note, I feel like I’ve moved past my plateau and made some progress with my weight loss. My arms definitely look more toned, and other people have also noticed. Despite not yet reaching my six pack goal, I do have definition showing near my abs. More importantly, I am at a point where I feel more comfortable with my body. I no longer feel so self-conscious about my stomach. Seeing visible results is helping to keep me motivated and pushing on.


HOWEVER… there is more exciting news! No, I’m not pregnant! I got home today to a note that I had missed a parcel. Now, I was expecting a parcel, however that wasn’t due until some time next week. I was a little stumped as to what it could be. Chris went to the neighbours and collected it, and to my surprise returned with a rather large box. I racked my brain to try and figure out what this could be. In hindsight, opening it may have been a quicker way to find out!

Eventually I gave up and opened the box. WOW! I was immediately impressed. A few weeks ago I had been contacted about reviewing a pair of the new Aftershokz Aeropex bone conducting headphones. I had sent all of my details across but then thought nothing more of it… until today!


Upon opening the first box I was then faced with another box and two separate packages. The packages contained a running belt bag and the other a sports towel. I eagerly opened the second box, only to be greeted by another box. This box was black and smart looking. Upon opening this box (it was like those Russian doll toys where they get smaller with each one you open!), I was then presented with a review leaflet. The leaflet outlined the technology and timeline of the Aftershokz brand and made interesting reading. Underneath this leaflet was yet another box, a package containing a branded buff, and a branded pen. I opened up what I thought would be the final box, only to be greeted with another box! The headphones were on the left of this box, with the final box containing two USB charging cables, earplugs, the user manual and a carry case for the headphones.

I had a quick flick through the user manual and then plugged the earphones in to charge. They lit up orange to show that they were charging and then around an hour later the light turned blue to indicate that they were fully charged.

First Impressions:

The first thing that I actually noticed about the earphones themselves was the weight… or rather, lack thereof! They are incredibly lightweight. This really surprised me, especially as they have a quoted battery life of 8 hours. Another thing that I really liked was the charging port – it isn’t a plug in sort, but utilizes a magnetic clip. I thought that this was really cool, and is also useful as my dog is rather clumsy and often ends up pulling my phone off of the table by walking through the wire. Magnetic clips can help to prevent damage as the device gets disconnected in this scenario rather than being dropped onto the floor.

At this point, I haven’t even used the headphones but the first impressions have been really impressive! I can’t wait to take them out tomorrow, even though it will only be a walk. The real test will be on Saturday when I have a half marathon to test them on. I’m excited to see how they compare to the Vidonn F1s!

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