Weekly Training Review

Weekly Training Review – 18th-24th March 2019

18th-24th March 2019

Last week’s report can be found here.

Weekly Training:

This week I had planned 6 sessions; 2 training runs, 2 weights sessions, 1 Yoga session, and my half marathon on Sunday. Just like the previous two weeks, this plan wasn’t set in stone and would depend on how my niggling knee felt day-to-day.

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Monday 18th March:

This was almost a carbon copy of last week, although I did have a slightly better excuse for skipping a session this time. I rebuilt my computer yesterday so there was still things which I needed to sort and re-install. Plus, it was just too tempting not to game as my new computer is a significant improvement on my previous (which was still no slouch!). Gaming at 1440p resolution and on a 144hz 27” curved monitor… yes, please! *Cough*, okay, not the best of reasons to miss a session, but it did take my mind off my niggly knee. I’m a bit anxious about Sunday’s half marathon as I’m not sure if my knee is going to hold up.

Tuesday 19th March:

Despite the temptation to have another gaming evening, deep down I knew that I would benefit from running. This is where my mind set has changed towards running. Gaming used to be my biggest hobby, and was a contributing factor to my couch potato lifestyle. I have started gaming more again now, but it doesn’t come at the cost of jeopardising my running progress.

I didn’t want to risk attending running club tonight as Tuesday is speed or hill work and it was a long drive back home if my knee couldn’t keep up. Instead, I decided to do some speed work on the treadmill. At least with the treadmill I’m not left stranded and limping home if I have to cut a run short!

I started off with a warm up mile with an average pace of 11:12. I wanted to run negative splits and try to get my pace around 10:35, 10:00 and then 9:40. I’m trying to make it feel easier to run at a pace of around 10 minute miles, as at the moment they feel tough! Mile 2 came in at 10:38, so around the pace I wanted. Mile 3 came in at 10:04 and then mile 4 in 9:38. I then cooled down with an 11:17 mile.

This session felt uncomfortable but manageable. I find it harder to run at 10 minute mile pace when I’m training, yet it seems to be my average pace for my half marathon. For 5 and 10k I run faster than this, but the aim is to make the faster pace seem more comfortable so that I can hold it for longer.

As usual with speed work sessions I spent a lot of time in Zone 4. I don’t mind the feeling of discomfort, it just frustrates me that I can run a 5k with an average pace of 8:23, yet I struggle to run 3 or 4 miles at 9:30 pace in training. As I look to improve my pace I’ll be doing more interval and hill work. My running club has helped with the hills as no matter which route we take there are always a number of hills to climb!

19th Splits

19th HR Zones

Wednesday 20th March:

As usual in my taper week there was no run planned for today. I had a weight session planned instead. Unlike with my running, I was unable to resist the calling of my new computer game. I’m not sure what it is with my lack of motivation for cross training and strength work. It’s frustrating because each week I look back and just question why I couldn’t motivate myself even for just 20 minutes. This is where I need to put more work in, especially as my running has been progressing well (apart from my niggly knee).

Thursday 21st March:

I talked myself out of tonight’s run. I’m started to stress a little about my half marathon. Ideally I wanted sub-2:10, however I don’t think that’ll be on the cards now. A personal best would be great, but now my main goal is just to get to the finish line. With the fear of aggravating my knee in the back of my mind, I decided to skip today’s run. I should have replaced it with a weight session, but I felt a bit disheartened that my training had been going so well and now it all seemed pointless if I couldn’t race on Sunday.

Friday 22nd March:

At this point I may as well rename my Yoga sessions to rest days, as that is all that I seem to achieve on them! Chris got back late and didn’t make his Aikido class, so we ended up watching Top Gear with a takeaway pizza.

Saturday 23rd March:

Well, at least today was guaranteed to go to plan! A full day of rest. Although, we did do a lot of walking as we headed into town as Chris decided to buy an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. We also then had to do our weekly food shop and I spent the rest of the day setting up Chris’s new toy with my computer.

I was a little concerned as when we were at the checkout in Aldi I realized that I had forgotten something. As such, off I went with a light jog down the aisle to go and get me some lentil crisps. This didn’t go to plan and immediately I felt a sharp jolt through my knee cap… not what you want when you have a half marathon the next day!

Sunday 24th March:

Ah, the Ironbridge Half Marathon. Things had been going well, but with the last few weeks training being below par due to my right knee, I wasn’t feeling confident. Yesterday’s jolt of pain hadn’t helped and I was starting to feel some prangs before I even reached the starting area. Chris was trying to talk me into pulling out, with eyes focusing more on the full marathon in April. I understood where he was coming from, but I had to at least start and see how I felt.

I’m not going to go into detail here as I will be writing a full post about my run next week. With that being said… it was a tale of two halves. I did better than I expected but still ended up disappointed. You can read my full results post here when it is published, so watch this space!

Weekly Summary:

Total Miles = 18.1

Training Hours = 3:04:01

Positives = good speed session on Tuesday. Knee held out for my half marathon. New 10k personal best.

Negatives = too many missed sessions. Just missed out on a half marathon personal best.

Next Week = I have Monday as a total rest day (also a day off work), then I am hoping to attend my running club Tuesday and Thursday, however this will depend on how my knee feels. I also have a Wednesday run pencilled in, however I may need to reduce the distance if my knee flares up. Parkrun is back on the schedule, along with a Yoga session and then a long run. I’m aiming for 17 or 18 miles on the Sunday.