The Best Budget Gift Ideas For Runners

Budget Gift Ideas For Runners


Need to buy a budget gift for a runner in your life but have no idea where to start? Look no further! Below you will find some practical and novelty gift ideas that any runner is sure to love:

Gift Ideas:

Up to £5:

No Tie Laces

Never worry about your laces coming undone again with these performance laces. They also come in 9 different colours.

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Massage Balls

These are great for relieving fatigue and tension from the muscles.

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Epsom Salts

These are great for having a nice soak in the bath after a long run. They help to promote muscle relaxation and aid in recovery

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Buffs are versatile and can be used as a hat, headband, hair band, scarf, wrist wrap, snood, etc. They are great for runners, especially those with long hair as they can act as a hair band or be used to hold earphones in place whilst running. I would definitely recommend owning at least one just because of the versatility they offer in the winter.

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Up to £10:

Anti-Chafe Balm

This is a great gift for runners who do a lot of half marathon or longer events. These balms help to prevent chafing and can also prevent nipple bleeding in men.

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Running Socks

Good running socks are a God send for runners. Running in cotton socks can be uncomfortable and cause blisters. Getting some dedicated running socks with arch support and padded areas can really improve the comfort of runs. They allow for more breath-ability also and you can find 3 pairs for under £7.

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Compression Socks

Compression socks can help aid blood flow and are great for longer runs or to help reduce recover after a long or hard training session. You can find pairs for under the £10 mark. The above link is for 2 pairs at £9.99 for both.

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Running Gloves

Windproof gloves are another way of staying warm and comfortable during winter training.

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Race Bib Clips

These come in either the button pop style or in the form of magnets. Magnets are more expensive, however they are a lot easier to affix. Both are better options than standard safety pins as they do not leave permanent marks on t-shirts or tops.

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Trainer Tags

These make great gifts and they can be customised. Trainer tags are metal tags which attach to the laces of trainers and can have personalized messages put on them. An example pre-made design would be “She believed she could… so she did”.

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Novelty Running Mug

“Keep Calm and Go Running” and “I run because punching people is frowned upon” are popular designs, however there are few novelty options available.

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Your Pace Or Mine Book

A great read, with a lot of funny stories. This is especially great for the slower runners, like myself, as it gives a bit of a morale boost when surrounded by faster runners.

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Don’t Stop Me Now: 26.2 Tales of A Runner’s Obsession Book

Another inspiring and funny book for beginner and intermediate runners alike. The book is written by BBC sports journalist Vassos Alexander. You can find my review of the book here.

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Up to £15:


These are great for running at night as it allows you to see the path ahead. There are essential for night races and evening ultramarathons. Most night time events require participants to wear one in order to take part.

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Running Belt

There are a number of different styles of running belt and the prices can vary from £5-£15+, however there are a lot of great options under £15. You can find belts to just hold a phone, keys and some gels, or ones which have one, two or even four bottles of water. They come in all different colours too so you can find a gift that really suits your running friend!

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Foam Roller

Like the massage ball but for larger muscle groups, the foam roller is great for relieving tension in the muscles. Investing in a foam roller is also much cheaper than a sports massage!

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Novelty Running Tops

There are a lot of fun novelty t-shirt designs available for runners. Some popular ones are “Run now, wine later” or “I run slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter but I run”.

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As you can see, purchasing a useful or novelty gift for a runner can be done on a budget. I hope that this post has given you some inspiration on what to buy your running friend without breaking the bank. Please share your gift ideas in the comments section below.