8 Budget Winter Running Essentials

8 Budget Winter Running Essentials


There aren’t many people who enjoy winter running. Getting out when it’s cold and dark. Running in the rain or snow. Below are some budget winter running essentials which can help get you motivated for your winter training.

TCA Super Thermal Performance Leggings – Amazon

These are great tights without breaking the bank. I took a punt on a pair of these last winter as I was starting to freeze on my morning and evening runs. They are thermal and I definitely noticed the difference. For a cheap pair of leggings, I was really impressed and would recommend them. They also have a handy zip pocket on the back which I use for carrying my Parkrun bar-code.

TCA Cloud Fleece ¼ Zip Thermal Running Top – Amazon

Another TCA branded item which I love. A warm, thermal top with extra shielding around the neck. I like the quarter zip as it allows for more control over my temperature during a run. If I get too warm, then I unzip the top to let air in. Like the leggings, this top also has a zip pocket at the back. In addition, there are also thumb-holes to provide extra coverage of the hands if required.

Trespass Women’s Lumi Active Amazon

A great jacket for the price. It is made of luminous material which lights up like a Christmas tree when car headlights or streetlights hit it. The jacket is waterproof and windproof to get you through the bad weather. It has two zip pockets – one on either side of the jacket. The only thing missing is a hood.

YouGa Headband Bandana – Amazon

These are versatile buffs which can be used as head-wear, scarves, bandana, etc. These can be really useful for protecting your mouth and nose from the cold air. They can also be used as neck warmers to prevent the cold from getting under your top layer. For the price, these are definitely worth having a few lying around for the cold winter runs.

Karrimor Running Gloves Amazon

A solid windproof pair of gloves which can be purchased for under £8. They have reflective elements and the space to hold a key.

BUTYPAL Chest Light + Armband Light – Amazon

£17.99 gets you a solid chest light and a rechargeable armband light. The chest light has 3 modes: high beam, low beam, and strobe. There are red lights at the back to ensure that you are also seen from behind. Running with a chest light ensures that you are visible to traffic, but also lights the path ahead of you to prevent any falling injuries. Both units are charged via a USB cable which is also supplied.

Pathfinder 21 LED Headlamp – Amazon

If you prefer using a headlamp to a chest light then this is worth considering. Priced at just £7.99 the device is water resistance and has an adjustable beam angle by 135 degrees. It has four operation modes: power save (1 LED on), bright (8 LEDs), ultra-bright (all 21 LEDs on) and blinking alert (21 LEDs flashing). The device is rated for 100,000 LED lifetime hours.

Yaktrax Pro Shoe Grips – Amazon

These are grips which attach to the bottom of your shoe to increase traction on the ice and snow. I have not personally used these, however they have been recommended to me by a lot of other runners. Last winter I decided against outdoor running until the snow and ice had cleared and instead utilized the treadmill. These are a great option for those who do not have access to a treadmill or would prefer to still run outside.


Don’t break the bank trying to stay warm when out running this winter! There are a lot of great winter items available which can really help take the dread out of cold winter runs. When the temperatures drop to 0 degrees or below, it is important to layer up. Remember to stay safe when running in the dark and wear hi-vis clothing or lights.

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