Goal Progress Update

Progress Bar

Last month I wrote a post which talked about my personal goals, as well as how to set your own goals – Goals and How To Set Them – in this post I am going to look at what progress I have made in the last month with regards to reaching my goals.

My Short Term Goal Progress:

  • Run 5k non-stop – I ran my first non-stop 5k on the 7th May 2017, covering 5.7k in 45 minutes outdoors. My longest non-stop run prior to this was 4.7k in 40 minutes on the treadmill.
  • Run 60 minutes non-stop – I completed this goal during a training run on the 9th May 2017. 2 days after my best non-stop run of 45 minutes, I managed to run for 60 minutes non-stop on the treadmill, and it felt like a real milestone. Definitely one of my most memorable running moments so far.
Strava Run
  • Run 10k in under 1:15 – At my most recent 10k race on the 30th April 2017, I managed to creep under the 1:15 mark with an official finishing time of 1:14:58. It was by far my favourite event so far, and not just because of the personal best!

Finishing Time

  • Complete my first obstacle course run – I will be running my first obstacle course run on Sunday 21st May 2017, so keep a look out for my event review which will be posted a few days after the event.
  • Run 1000km in 2017 – I was sitting at 228 kilometres when I first posted about my goals, and whilst I am still slightly behind schedule, I have made good headway in catching up and am currently at 361 kilometres – to be on target I should reach 420 kilometres by the end of May, which should be possible if I keep making up ground like I have been.
Goal Progress