Nike Pegasus 35 First Impressions

Nike Pegasus 35 In Box


The Nike Pegasus range is a neutral running shoe aimed at the “average” runner. With this, the shoe is marketed as being able to handle long, slow runs, as well as speed work and race day.

My only prior experience with the Nike Pegasus range comes in the form of the predecessor, the Pegasus 34s. After completing my first marathon and 2 subsequent half marathons in them, they became my favourite shoe. So much so, that when I found a good deal on the latest model, I decided to take the plunge. I didn’t really need a new pair or running shoes at this point, but the price was right and everybody loves getting new running shoes, right?

I got the “Premium” model which has a slightly different design to the regular models. It has a smaller Swoosh logo, a leather tongue and golden wax laces with metal aglets. There was no specific reason for getting this model. It was simply on sale and cheaper than the regular version. I do kind of miss that big Nike tick on the side though!


I love trainers so I spent all day tracking my delivery on the DPD app! Pictures don’t actually do these justice, as the midsole looks white on pictures but is actually a darker shade of grey. The bit at the back looks a bit elf like, but I really like the design. The one negative for me is that the tongue is a bit longer than I like. Nike say that the longer tongue design is to aid with the putting on and removing of the shoe, but I’ve never encountered any difficulties in that regard. The longer tongue can rub a little against the leg, especially if you run in trainer socks.

The overall design of the Pegasus 35 is more appealing than the 34s, or at least, to me they look better. They look faster and better designed. The laces have moved up one eyelet so that the shoes are more flexible than the 34s.


So far I have only ran 6.7 miles in the Pegasus 35s as I am currently racking up the miles in my others models before they get retired and the 35s are added to my rotation.
I completed my first 1.7 mile run in the 35s and they felt comfortable. I’m not a fast runner but these feel like quick shoes. They are responsive and made me want to run a bit faster than usual. The sole feels springy when you land due to the air zoom pockets.

The reason for my short first run was down to the weather being abysmal. With that being said, my feet actually felt quite dry despite the really heavy rain and storm that I ran through. I’d like to try the Nike Shield version to see how they differ as they are supposed to be water repellent and have more reflective features, however the standard version felt fine in the wet.

My second run was not directly in the rain, however it had been raining earlier in the day. As such, the leaves on the pavement were wet. I did feel a little apprehensive and nervous of slipping, however the 35s held firm. The traction was much better than expected and I never felt like I was going to lose my footing or slide.

I completed a 5 mile loop and my legs felt fresh, despite the course being hilly in places. Usually, with a hilly run I get a little pain in my knees, however this was not the case. My knees felt strong and the shoes still felt springy even towards the end when I would usually be struggling.


Overall, I’m very happy with the Pegasus 35s at the minute, despite my lack of mileage. I look forward to adding them into my rotation properly in the New Year. The Pegasus 35s are definitely a model that I look forward to lacing up and heading outside in. In fact, that and my new jacket, are the two main reasons that I ran outside for my last 5 mile run rather than using the treadmill!


Nike Pegasus 35 FrontNike Pegasus 35 HeelNike Pegasus 35 In Box

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